SmartCoinBox design has two types of timers for Models CD and CW as follows:

3 Button Timer (2012 to 2015)

Set-up Procedures:

To make sure that the DEFAULT values are intact and did not make any adjustments by
mistake, do the following steps:

Press S3 and HOLD
Display must be 00:01
If not use S1 or S2 to bring it back to 00:01
Wait for few seconds until the display goes back to 00:00

To adjust to desired "minutes",
Press and HOLD S1 to desired minutes
If you exceed your desired "minutes", press S2 to adjust back
Wait for few seconds until the display goes back to 00:00

4 Button Timer (2015 to present)

Set-up Procedures:

Press S3 to clear
Press S4 two times (not once)
Press S1 or S2 to adjust to desired minutes
Wait for few seconds for the display to go back to 00:00

Following the procedures above carefully will make minutes adjustment easy and hassle free.

Important: There are default values embedded on the timers memory function that must not be adjusted. If you accidentally adjusted them and cannot get it working again, please contact us for assistance.

4 Button Timer (2015 to present)

Accumulated Coin Timer Trigger (PRESET)

Press S4 "once". Enter desired number of coins before PRESET VALUE
00:0_, say 4 consecutive coins (Use S1 (+), S2 (-), display 00:04
Press S4 and enter the minutes desired.
Wait for few seconds until the display goes back to 00:00

SMARTCOINBOX uses advance electronics circuitry and uses 2 levels of adjustments

Level 1 is for standard adjustment of minutes per coin accessed by landlords or endusers.

Level 2 is ENGINEERING settings. These are critical mode selections and for factory use only. This requires button key passwords. Any proposals are welcome when it comes to timer adjustment. Contact us if there are some adjustment you wish to change. We will be glad to assist you.