...domestic laundry machine to coin operated? they said it can't be done....

Meet the ORIGINAL... first generation SmartCoinBox designed and built by a landlord. Built around 2008 and was used until end of 2010. This is the original prototype and we kept it and on display in our Scarborough, Ontario location. The design works around a "Beaver Coin Candy Mechanical Acceptor" vending machine. By cleverly connecting relays, timer and industrial sensors the complete assembly prevented the abuse and misuse of household type laundry machines in few rental properties in Humber College. (Off Campus - North Etobicoke - Greater Toronto Area). Notice there is no countdown timer. We used a fix
dial type timer...but it worked!

2nd Generation SmartCoinBox introduced Commercially on Summer of 2012.

This SmartCoinBox box is dust tight and designed to survive harsh environment. Some laundry rooms are damp and cold and this 2nd generation SmartCoinBox was perfect for it. Hundreds were sold during its introduction and they are still in service today. The design uses a quarter key turn lock and a hasp. Uses a "crow bar" type of power supply in a heavy duty NEMA 4 enclosure. We still build this type of SmartCoinBox today as a "customized" order but a little bit more money because of its ruggedness and advance electronics we installed in present design.

3rd Generation SmartCoinBox introduced Commercially on Winter of 2014.

The 3rd generation SmartCoinBox came a little bit bigger than its predecessor. Made from 1.5 mm thick cold-roll sheet and equipped with 2 hasps. The padlock ear is fully welded inside and came out in a slotted hole. Takes 3/8 diameter padlock. Uses a "switch mode power supply" that can withstand short circuit or reverse polarity. Lots of room on this one and heavy. A lot of our regular customers didn't like it so we went back to the drawing board and redesigned it and became the 4th generation SmartCoinBox.

4th Generation SmartCoinBox introduced Commercially on Fall of 2014.

There are two versions. The first version further shrunk in size with same reliable component inside and the second version we add a push button switch to reduce power consumption when idle or not in use.

These are CD04 and CW04

..more to follow including photos.

5th Generation SmartCoinBox is now out and now available...

Coin Validator/Acceptor Technology, compact, lightweight...and few exciting features...for same
affordable price..
These are Models ECW682 and ECD137

...more to follow including photos.

Guess what...6th generation on the works...few changes
...looking forward to January 2018..

..some product surprises that you never heard of for the landlords.....

keep in mind..SmartCoinBoxes are safety certified to North American Standard..beware of cheap and off-shore made coin boxes kit..