REPAIRS & SERVICE are ONLY available for units with normal wear and tear. WE CANNOT service units that have been damaged beyond repair and/or vandalized. WE CANNOT service units that have been altered from their original state.

The repair turnaround of any SmartCoinBox is only 15 minutes or less during our shop's non-busy time also located in the heart of Mississauga Ontario. Since we designed and manufactured SmartCoinboxes, we can diagnose any malfunction in less than 60 seconds while on our repair bench. There are occasions though that we request our customers to leave their SmartCoinBox for further testing or what we call secondary burn-in test. We do not use 2nd or 3rd party group to repair the SmartCoinBox. We built it..we service it. Call us. Text us. E-mail us for help. It's FREE.

For some reason you feel like bringing in the SmartCoinBox to our shop for repair we request the landlords to check the troubleshooting guide below firts. Although SmartCoinBox is well designed and all possible malfunctions carefully analyzed, s
ample situations below will help end users troubleshoot the SmartCoinBox before they call or bring the box back to our shop.

1. Appliance Washer/Dryer not powered up ( No SmartCoinBox yet)

a. Check your panel circuit br
eaker. 15A single pole for washer and 30A double pole for dryer.

b. If circuit breaker is ON plug the appliance direct to your house outlet and if is still not powered up call an electrician.

NOTE: Electrical Safety Code states that ONE washer outlet for one washer only (15 A-safe zone) and ONE dryer outlet for ONE dryer only ( 30 A-safe zone). DO NOT OVERLOAD OR ADD AN EXTENSION CORD AND ADD MULTIPLE APPLIANCES
as this may cause nuisance circuit breaker tripping, wire overheating or worsts a fire. SmartCoinbox is designed for ONE washer or ONE dryer only. NO OVERLOADING PLEASE.

2. LED not lit on countdown timer

a. Washer/Dryer working without the SmartCoinBox?

If yes make sure
that the SmartCoinBox is plugged to the wall and the appliance plugged inside the SmartCoinBox

b. Possible blown fuse. Our UL/CSA listed power supply is equipped with self diagnostic LED (green). This advance Switch Mode Power Supply has a perforated metal cover. The LED is visible from outside. If the LED is OFF its possible that the fuse is open. Unplug the SmartCoinBox and contact us as soon as possible. Do not energize the SmartCoinBox again.

3. Coin inserted went in but showing _ _01

Instructions behind the door not followed carefully. Press S4 once. Display
must be 01. If not use "S1" OR "S2" to bring it back to 01. Press S4 again and enter your desired minutes per coin. Press S4 and wait for 00:00.
More information discussed in TIMER SET-UP Category.

4. Coin keeps on coming out.


...first of all...did you OR anybody remove the mother/reference coin? ..if you did all coins you put in will keep on coming out!


a. Check diagnostic LED light at the back of the coin acceptor.

For older model (manufactured before March 2021) with LK100M+ coin acceptor. the LED color should be visible.

For newer model with "PUSH BUTTON" the LED color will only be visible
when you held down the button.

SOLID BLUE means mother/reference coin is in place (which is good.)
SOLID RED means the mother/reference coin is missing (need to put one back)
FLASHING RED means the module faulty ( may need replacement)


b. Check for a jammed coin inside the slot. Use a flashlight to look inside the vertical slot to check for possible bad coin or foreign material inserted or gently open coin compartment as shown.

c. Try releasing any possible jammed coin using the coin lever.

d. Check the reference/mother coin if it is still in its resting place. A coin located just behind the acceptor being held by a spring MUST stay there permanently. DO NOT remove. See photo below. See the $1 or $0.25? Keep it there. DO NOT REMOVE!

e. Coins inserted and worked but after few minutes coins being rejected. Contact us for assistance.

5. Coin Acceptor takes the coin but timer not counting down

a. Check for jammed coin.
b. Call our service group.

6. Fuse keeps on blowing

Unplug the SmartCoinBox immediately. Call our service group for assistance.

Any other issues feel free to contact our service group.