SMARTCOINBOX is compatible to all washer and dryer bought within Canada. There are cases that the appliance was bought outside Canada, Europe for example. Contact us for assistance in re-designing or modifying our SmartCoinBox to accommodate your appliance.

SmartCoinBox CW04 Washer works with:

Washer with MECHANICAL TIMER, front or top load
Washer with DIGITAL TIMER, from or top load.

Dryer with MECHANICAL TIMER, front or top load.
Dryer with DIGITAL TIMER , front or top load.

For GAS DRYER (120V) you will need the SmartCoinBox CW04 washer coin kit.

Stackable Washer and Dryer:

Some stackables comes with ONE plug. If this is the case you will only need the SmartCoinBox CD04, HEAVY DUTY.

Stackables that comes with two power cords, washer and dryer, you will need CD04 and CW04 Smartcoinbox.